Tug of Wars in life

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like you are the rope in a round of tub of war? I feel like that has become my daily life. My old manager and new manager are both tugging me. The old manager wants to control everything and everyone so we don’t do anything she isn’t aware of. The new manager is embracing¬†¬†the changes being made and I am all for going with it. I hate that when she asks me to do something I can’t complete my job due to the lack of cooperation on the old manager’s part. I feel like the more I do with the new manager the hard it is to deal with the old one. When I got my promotion last month all the executives sent me some form of congrats but she didn’t say a word. I have been working under her for three years now. I mean I have been working my butt off but nothing I ever did was good enough for her. She plays favorites with two associates who aren’t as knowledgeable but they hate the ideas of all the new changes as well. Oh well! I am trying to find a balance to deal with both managers but it’s really starting to ware on me.. I have noticed a new OCD tick and I keep waking up with new bruises. I think they are messing with my solid sleep time. I have 30 days till I go on vacation and I keep telling myself just have to make it till then. When I leave for vacation they are going to be forced to work directly with each other instead of through me so they will be able to see how difficult it has been.

Another Tug of War in life is the one your parents put you through when they get divorced. My mom has been married and divorce 3 times, but lucky enough for me i’ve never actually been in that tug of war. When my mom and my biological dad got divorced they kept fighting because neither of them wanted to keep us. With the second husband he was abusive so she wanted to keep us far away from him. The third husband however we are all still close with as they were married the longest. They are really great friends even though they have each already found someone new. My boyfriends parents, or should I say mother, have him in a tug of war. I feel so bad for him sometimes because he wants to please them both. His mom recently stayed with us for his brother’s wedding. She didn’t have not one nice word to say about his father. I get it they had a rough life together, but he has kept the peace. I think she just needs to give him the same respect he has her. His heart is broken and you can see it on his face every time you look at him. She doesn’t get that. I don’t think she can see past the man she use to argue with, but I haven’t ever seen that side of him. I hope that after 42 years of arguing they find some kind of peace.

I think those are the worst two kinds of tug of wars. There are our everyday battles but I think we are more conditioned to handle those. I mean you don’t see us freaking out about our latte choices, grocery decisions, after work activities, or online shopping habits. We will always have decisions the options of two or more because the world is competitive and people don’t know 100% of what they want when they make the decision that they want it. Sometimes I think we put ourselves in the situations where we are pulled in different directions because in the exact moment the choice is made we feel in control of at least one thing in our lives.


Today was a short write kind of day. It’s beautiful outside and I am long overdue for a walk.


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