Some Kind of Interaction

I have officially started my vacation count down. I don’t know if any of you are like me and start getting anxious a few days before. I am leaving Saturday and haven’t even started packing yet. I am going to Topsail  Island here in NC. I went a couple years ago and had an amazing time. This time I am taking my boyfriend and he has never been there. Our first stop when we get there is for homemade salt water taffy. That is my absolute favorite.  Then to sit on the beach the rest of the day. I have needed this trip so bad. Between work, my family, and the move I am burnt out. I know I haven’t been writing regularly but I am hoping that changes after i get a chance to reboot.

On another note the living together thing has been going pretty well. I think I have been a little moody lately but he is handling that well. It has just been so much to adjust to. After the last time I moved in with someone I didn’t think I would be doing it again, but I got over it and moved in. The cat has adjusted super well. The two of them are best buddies and I don’t think they could live without each other now. I like that I get to see him every night and every morning. We don’t sleep in the same room but it works for us. He snores, talks, and sits up in his sleep. The first time I slept over it scared me cause when he sits up he hangs his head and when you are laying down it makes it look like he doesn’t have a head. Yeah so I like having my own room and it doesn’t work for everyone.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately and I have come to the conclusion that I need to just let it happen and not try to plan every little thing. I think I am uptight and a super planner, and I want to change that. I think I out so much pressure on myself trying to make things happen according to plans. WE ALL KNOW THAT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. Sad it took me almost 29 years to figure that one out. I’ve also decided that I want to really get some space from my family because there is just so much drama in that area. Every one is arguing and then want me to fix it from 400 miles away. I just think I need to accept the things I can’t change and let them go in a way.

I feel like I am losing my motivation to write. I want to know there is actually someone out there that is reading this. I get so much spam and it’s getting hard to tell it all apart. I think anyone who has been reading knows a part of me. I want to know about my readers now. Send me an email and tell me about you, topics you want to read about, and your greatest self accomplishment. I think I am just looking for some sort of interaction. They always say you can tell a stranger anything, and I know from experience it is completely true. I use to take bank phone calls and people tole me everything about their personal lives. I am not looking for your life story (unless you want to share), but I am looking to know you are real.


We will see the response I get from this. 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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