Happy Move In Weekendish

Hello Everyone!

I know again it’s been a while. I have been super busy with packing up my apartment, work, and family drama. Let me tell you all how this weekend went. I took the day off work on Friday so I could get things done and ready for my move. I ended up at Spectrum ( my cable/internet provider) at 8am to turn in my boxes, and then headed to the DMV. At the DMV I got there about 35 mins before they opened and waited in the parking lot. Well as time went on the line to get in was getting longer and longer. So I chickened out and left. I decided I could just do it through the mail. Guess I still need to work on my DMV bravery. So after the DMV i went to get a massage! I love getting massages especially when I have been stressed out. It was just what I needed the day before my move. Then I headed to my apartment to get some work done. I packed most of the day and some lady came to buy my treadmill. I posted about a crazy craigslist lady but this lady I found on Facebook. She was cool and showed up on time. Then I came home and cooked dinner and chilled out the rest of the evening.

The next day started a bit rough. We didn’t have a moving truck reserved and then we had to drive to another city to get one. When we got there the battery had died and we couldn’t get the van started. Once they got it started though things went pretty well. We got everything loaded up and drove back to the house. We didn’t unload my things right away as my BF’s brother was coming over to help. Once we got started it only took us about 10 mins to get the full van unloaded. It was pretty sad that everything I own fits in a cargo van, but I guess it made the move a lot easier. Anyway his brother came and helped then we all went to one of my top three favorite places to eat. It was nice to see them since we hadn’t seen them since their wedding a month ago. Once they left we were so tired from moving everything that we just went right to sleep. It was a good day.

Sunday we got up and went to brunch. We have a spot we go all the time and the waitress recognized us from before when she waited on us. It is my favorite place for breakfast place and if you are ever in charlotte you have to try ‘Another Broken Egg’. So after brunch we went to my apartment to make a trip to the local goodwill and donate some things I just didn’t need anymore. Then I had to clean the whole place top to bottom. Cleaning took me near 3 hours, but I got it looking better than when I moved in. I came home and unpacked all my kitchen stuff. There was nine boxes of kitchen items.. 9!! I had food, dishes, bakeware, and pots and pans. It all fits in his fully stocked kitchen, but I have a feeling we will go through it to donate more. I like donating and helping people out. I feel like we could all do that and put some good karma out into the world.

Monday I was off work as it was Memorial Day. We did chores around the house, I did my food prep for the week, and then we both relaxed after the busy weekend. We tried grilling outside and just as we got all the food on it started to pour the rain. We continued to cook our food outside anyway, and it turned out soo good. I am the type of person who loves food even though I am sure I could cut back so much.

Now we have 6 working days till our beach vacation. I feel like I haven’t even got all the way unpacked and I am packing again. I hope that after we get back we are around long enough for me to actually feel settled. I have to admit thought I am super ready to sit on the beach in my questionable swim suit. I have decided I am just not going to care what people think this year. I say that now but I know I will still wonder, but I am trying.

As far as the whole biological father situation from before… I have dealt with it and I don’t think it’s impacting me like before. He called my mom to ask why I did what I did because he wanted to invite me to his 50th birthday party. I know he was only inviting me because he wants me to drive my sister there since she can’t drive herself. I am not getting all worked up about something that wasn’t worth it. I am not putting myself in the position to be hurt anymore. I am toughening up!


I also just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who is reading this. I have gotten a great amount of support on what I am writing. I know I haven’t been consistent with writing but as I get settled I will make sure I get more on here and out of my head.  Till then stick around 🙂 Send me topics you want to get my unique view on.


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