Dang It Netflix!

So the past few days i have been staying up super late to binge watch a new Netflix series. The series is call ¬†Thirteen Reasons. This series is about a girl who is having a rough time, she ends up committing suicide, and leaves these tapes with the thirteen reasons why. If this show doesn’t start to change the world then nothing ever will. I could relate to her because of how I was bullied in school, but I don’t think it was to the extent she was. They called me things like “charnyal the yernal”, make fun of the clothes I wore, or called me smelly for something. Some of these things were out of my control and I had wished just one kid had known. I have so many issues now as an adult because of my upbringing and I know many others who have issues as well. I wish the kids who did it all could look back and really put themselves in our shoes. I made it through though. I had friends in my band class and they became my family. I think had I not joined that group then I would have dropped out of school like my siblings and got married to the first joe shmo that came along.

Anyway this series made a bunch of kids and an adult see their parts in why she did what she did. I don’t think I could live with myself knowing I played a part in someone else’s death. For those out there that put someone down you should really think about it. You might have more of an impact than you think. what if one thing you say to someone could either put them over the edge or bring them back away from it. Even if it just kept them in the same place would be better than hurting them. As adults we think oh we work hard and have what we have but others might not be so lucky. What if one day you are walking down he street and you see a homeless man and realize it was your best friend from high school. I think you would stop and talk to him and offer him help because you knew him before this. Now again you are walking down the street and you see another homeless person and it’s the guy you picked on in high school. Do you pay him the same curtesy as the guy who was your best friend? To be honest probably not. Because you told him things would turn out for him like this in high school right?

I think that this might be ¬†a reason I have such anxiety around people. Because even though I have grown up, moved away, and done something with my life people will always see me as that smelly girl from high school. Isn’t it sad to think we work so hard to be better than we were but never feeling like it’s good enough? I think that’s one reason I moved away. It was a new start and nobody here knew the girl I used to be.

I have an autistic nephew and when I think of what he will go through in this life it makes me sad. knowing the kids today don’t care what’s wrong with him, because they just see him as different. He is a good kid! Like me he has OCD as well. I try to give my sister pointers on how to better help him as I wish someone did for me. I don’t think she listens to what I tell her as she also has mental issues. I have it on paper that I am really the last sane one in my family. Crazy right! I think pretty much living with my grandparents through some of my early years gave me a different perspective on life. I am thankful every day that I had them growing up. They kept me away from some of the beatings, fights, and other content that comes from living in a house like that.


So the whole point of this post is to say spread the word on this to the younger crowd out there. They may not realize the damage they can do.

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