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Hey Ya’ll!

I know it’s been a while. I feel like I write that every time I write. This has been a super busy year, and haven’t quite been able to manage my time well. Anyway! Something happened today and I really felt the need to write it down, but let me catch you up on the past few weeks.

I am moving this month!! I am so excited and can’t wait! I have already moved the cat in with my boyfriend, and I think they are both loving the new arrangement. I however have still been going back and fourth. I started packing this week and am in the process of finding homes for some of the larger items in my apartment. I have the highest hopes for my move and and like 99% sure I won’t be needing them anytime soon. One thing that makes me even more excited to move is my boyfriend. He is amazing! Like when his mom is staying and making me crazy so he takes me on a 4 mile walk to blow off some steam. So an hour and fifteen mins later I felt so much better, She came into town for his brother’s wedding this past weekend. She first told us she wasn’t coming since she is in the process of getting divorced and wasn’t sure she could be there with her soon to be ex husband. Every thing went well and the wedding was beautiful. I have had a bad case of wedding fever lately. We looked at rings, dresses, suits, and places. I know it’s not going to happen for a couple of years but it was a lot of fun to look.

Oh! my super exciting news!!! I got a promotion and a nice raise at work last week. I thought they were getting ready to lay people off based on the conversation i heard going on next to me. My manager’s manager asked to call me, and I was for sure I was getting laid off. It went the complete other way! I stopped breathing for just a moment and then came back to reality. It really couldn’t have come at a better time with everything that is going on. I was so excited and when I got home my boyfriend smoked us some steaks. They were amazing. Last week really couldn’t have gotten any better with the promotion, NFL draft, and wedding.

So that’s basically all that’ been going on in the past few weeks. There were some other things but nothing worth writing about. So on to today…

Today was emotional!

I have this I guess you would call him a friend. We don’t hardly talk, but today he texted me out of the blue while I was at work. He rarely does so I knew something was up. I talked to him and asked the standard questions “how are you?, “what’s new”, and “everything okay?”. He is currently jobless, but he used to work with me and that’s how we met. He seemed so troubled today, and i wasn’t letting him go without talking to me. I really think he needed that. He told me about the nightmares he has been having about a girl he loved. He fell in love with a girl and they were together four and a half years. He was telling me how there was nobody out there like her. He went on about how they balanced each other and he has never felt that away about anyone. He wanted to marry her and settle down. In 2013 he cheated on her and they haven’t spoken since. He can’t seem to get over her. I completely understand how he feels. I gave a man four years of my life, but one day I left. Things had gone sour and we weren’t happy. I figured if I left he could find someone that makes him happy. I still check social media now and then to make sure I did the right thing. Even though things were so bad and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way than it is now I just can’t help thinking about it. I wouldn’t go back to that life in a million and one years, but sometimes I just need a little reminder that I am doing well. Anyway, I listened to him and I think he was doing better after, but I did let him know it wasn’t easy getting over someone. Especially someone you were with and gave your all to. These were the, what we thought were, the first loves of our lives. Who can just forget those so easily? They are the relationships we will judge all others on. I have to say I am so much better off in my current relationship. I am almost positive this will be my last relationship. Things are so different than they were before. I told him about my philosophy where everything happens for a reason and he lost, but everything will get better.The things he said kind of hit me hard, but being there to listen I think helps.

I couldn’t help but think about my life today and how close things came to being completely different. It scares me to think I may have never moved to Charlotte or met Derek.

Did I mention that two years ago yesterday my grandma died? She was my best friend growing up. My mother posted a pic of the three of us yesterday and I cried my whole way to work. I am hoping to plan a trip home to see my grandpa in July. I miss them.


Okay I think I have talked enough random tonight. Check back tomorrow for another hopefully interesting day.


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