About Me

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” -Lao Tzu

That quote may sum up my entire adult life so far. I am an enthusiastic, OCD restrained, well routined, and boring everyday girl. I will always try anything once, and I will rarely pass up an opportunity.

Wow! this is starting to sound like an online dating profile. I am sure we have all done out fair share of filling those out.

For real this time..

My life story has tons of ups, downs, sadness, and hard to hear stories. But it is also full of happy stories, lessons learned, triumphs, and very few unbelievable moments. I hope to share some of these stories in this blog to show how the past has played a part in who i am today. I will include a super brief rundown here just to help with my point of view.


My New Beginning

I struck out on my own at the age of 25. I moved to a new state and left everyone and everything behind. I brought only what i could fit in my car and two hundred dollars in my bank account. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to better myself, and this was indeed a HUGE opportunity. I got an amazing job, met who i believe is the love of my life, and have proved to myself that i am strong enough to do just about anything. I lived in an empty apartment, with the exception of an air mattress, for about 2 months while i was getting my ducks in a row. For about 4 to 6 months my entire life was going to work and coming home. ┬áMost days this is still my life, but i am not complaining.

I also have issues with social anxiety, and it’s a battle everyday for me to be human. I can’t speak in front of people, on conference calls, or even to family sometimes. I can’t walk into a new store by myself for the first time. I also developed some really bad OCD habits, and anxiety issues. I wash my hands when i am upset or nervous, I can’t shop with anyone because things have to go in the cart a specific way, I can only park in spots that are on the left hand side, and so much more. I can’t visit some of my family because of the conditions of their environments.

This year I am going to continue trying to work through some of my issues.


What does “LipStick Brave” mean?

LipStick brave is about not being afraid to get noticed and finding courage to face things you never thought you could. It’s about finding encouragement and encouraging others to be comfortable with themselves. I think it’s the smallest things we do for others that impact the world, and this world could use a makeover. Everyday we see someone struggling and instead of trying to help we judge them. We judge based on looks, degrees, and money. None of those things really mean anything. LipStick Brave is being the difference, being inspired, and inspiring others.

What will I be blogging about?

I am going to blog about my everyday life. I hope to conquer some of my OCD issues and become a happier/healthier person. I hope that you will feel free to leave comments about yourself and tips if you have them.